Disaster Medical Response Systems has applied for its non-profit 501(c)3 status and is a community based organization created for the purpose of training response personnel and providing medical care to communities during mass casualties and large scale events.

"There's no single answer that will solve all future problems. There's no magic bullet. Instead there are thousands of answers at least. You can be one of them if you choose to be. First, however, you must be brave enough to turn away from death, embrace change and survive."

- Octavia Butler

DMRS Partners with Immaculate Convection Storm Chasing

We are excited to announce our partnership with Immaculate Convection Storm Chasing. We will be working together to provide medical care to tornado victims during the 2014 season. ICSC will be instrumental in placing our team in the best possible location to provide care while also keeping us safe. This partnership is a huge step towards a successful and safe season. Continue to look for updates as we move forward in our planning and eventual deployment to the Midwest. If you would like to support us and help us achieve our goals, please click on the Donate Now link on the side of the page.

Check out the Immaculate Convection guys over on Facebook.

Response Vehicle in the Works

A huge thanks goes out to BSG Wraps for providing us with a vehicle and wrap! Having a dependable truck to deploy with is critical to our mission and BSG Wraps really came through for us. The people there are incredible and put out a great product. Please check them out!

Howl at the Moon 5k Trail Run

Howl at the Moon 5k Trail Run

DMRS had the opportunity to help the great folks at Bocca Lupo host their second annual “Howl at the Moon 5k,” in Englewood Florida. Event support was provided in way of a¬†first aid tent and staged medical response in case of unforeseen disaster. The event went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all racers on this beautiful Saturday.

The run took place in Ann Dever Memorial Regional Park, with spectacular views of animals and well maintained trails. The event staff of DMRS were available in a BLS (Basic Life Support) capability with the knowledge of local ALS (Advanced Life Support) systems, helping to fill the missing link in event response.

When planning your next event be sure to discuss your needs with DMRS to ensure your patrons, and participants are protected should the need arise.