About DMRS

When disaster strikes you can count on Disaster Medical Response Systems to deliver the highest quality medical care when it counts. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to dispensing medical services at disaster sites through our strike teams. Our highly-skilled professionals respond quickly and effectively to help survivors get the medical attention they need. The Event Support Division specializes in providing medical care to participants and spectators of a variety of public and private events. Ensure safety at your next event by contacting us today! We are there in your time of need!

Disaster Medical Response Systems is made up of three main components that work together allowing us to provide top notch medical care to those that need it. Our strike teams are the heart and soul of our organization. These teams are our boots on the ground providing the care and comfort to those in need. Our event support division works with the public and private sector, ensuring participants and spectators have access to medical care. The third component is the most challenging to fulfill. In a time of decreasing budgets and cutbacks, in all areas of our economy, we still need to come up with the funds to operate. Even though the government is pulling back funding for disaster response, disasters are happening at an increasing rate and magnitude. More and more of the help that arrives after a disaster will be from the private industry, non-profit groups, and volunteers. DMRS lives and breathes off of donations from the communities we care for. If you would like to assist us in fulfilling our mission, please click the link below for more information on how to donate.